What is Dedicated Server?

It’s a necessity for a good large scale business to have an established website for it, and the website once popular must cater to a whole variety of audience and the hosting server comes into play here. You cannot just expect to do with a shared hosting or other minor hosting options, because you are dealing big here and the level to which you control the website and databases get you rated accordingly. It’s best to have a dedicated server in such situations. Dedicated Hosting is just the perfect solution to the needs of a hosting service that can give you the perfect control.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated hosting is one where you have a dedicated server up and running for the sake of your website. Your website is the only one that is hosted on the server. The provider just hands you the server and some add-ons, and then it’s totally under your control, the software, Operating system, way of servicing and also the security factors. Thus dedicated server offers you the flexibility in the software and Operating systems used as you can choose the best suited ones for your website and content.

The Specifics of Dedicated Hosting

Unlike the other hosting services like shared or reseller types of hosting, the dedicated hosting offers a wide a variety of controls onto the host. Everything beginning from the disk and bandwidth are under the control of the host, so he is able to adjust and adapt easily and quickly whenever necessary. In the case of shared hosting, you just have to notify the service provider, and the entire thing depends on him. But here the software and the databases are under your direct control, you can just make any changes anytime, which may improve the service of the website.

The main factor associated with a dedicated server is the bandwidth. You should have enough bandwidth for your server, because this is the only one server you are concentrating your website on. Also some make use of the dedicated servers for providing a web hosting service by them in a shared fashion, this requires a good knowledge of the environment your server is in and the uptime it offers and the technical aspects of allocating specific limits and providing individual control panels. It’s often a case where the provider himself provides a set of administrative tools like control panels, an OS along with the server, but it’s then fully under your control and you can modify any part of it. The provider also specifies the uptime and other constraints in the service level agreement. These are the things you have to look out for before entering into a deal.

The management of the dedicated servers is not an easy task, even though you have complete control. In fact it’s the total control that makes it difficult because you have to ensure security in transactions and networks. This in itself is a great work though there software available for it. As a user of dedicated hosting service it is quite mandatory that you know the technical aspects of hosting well.

Thus we see that the dedicated hosting is one which brings out the serious nature of hosting, as it places the complete control and complete responsibility in your hands. Most of the time this is what you require as you are hosting a dedicated website for a wider scaled purpose.





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