Good Magento Hosting

Step by step to choose a Good Magento Host

Magento is a very good but heavy e-commerce solution. It does not mean we can’t get it work very fast. If you invest to the right hosting for magento, you will get a good magento host and it will work fast as others.

Good Magento Hosting

So if you have ever worked with Magento you will see that it is not easy to choose a good hosting at all. The hosting industry is too complex and you need to choose the right hosting what support best for magento. Here is step by step what can help you choose a good magento hosting for your sites:

1. Do the search to realize how is good magento host

You can search on Google but it will not work with a lot of adword ads what will not show the best. Another way is you can try to search with this terms “ hosting” on Google and see what people talking about hosting for magento. If there is the best choice then you usually only found one option for that

2. Server resource and configuration for a good magento host

It doesn’t make sense if a hosting you buy can’t run magento so that you need to make sure the hosting provider have configured their host work best for magento. It is not like wordpress, joomla, drupal… what very easy to run on any host. With magento if you don’t choose the right provider it will not work at all.

So as far as the hosting provider say they have magento hosting package then it should be fine. The to make sure again the resource meet requirements you can check

3. Security must be best in a good magento host

The most important of ecommerce is security. You need to figure out that the hosting have a good security or not. At least they have backup functionaltiy, alert and support SSL easy.

4. Location & speed

The last and the important is the speed of your site. It usually belong to location but it belong to the server hardware resource also. Server are not allowed to have too many hosts on server to keep share memory, CPU work well.

The speed will help you sales better and your customers more happy so that you should choose a provider have location near you. If the provider have many locations then it should be better to your business since your business usually need to be flexible.

5. Support time & Magento support

Do the hosting have magento support? how many minutes in average response time? How many years they start the job in hosting industry?

Let ‘s find the answer for that and you will have way to choose the best.

And in the bottom line, maybe you will want to know how the experience people in magento think about the magento hosting industry with review which the best. This is the best magento hosting review for you to consider.

Thanks for reading and hope it help.






6 responses to “Step by step to choose a Good Magento Host”

  1. Magento Expert Avatar

    Very simple and good enough for new guys to start with this. At least they can do the simple research. Thanks

  2. Magento2X Avatar

    I think the most important step is the first step. After you choose the right hosting company, everything will be easier. I have to say you are very smart with search on google this terms “ hosting”, it return a very good result.

  3. David Avatar

    What hosting company did you choose, Magento2X?

  4. Magento2X Avatar

    I found SiteGround as the best one, you can take a look at more detail in

  5. Magento2X Avatar

    For more detail, you can take a look at this discussion in magento official forum. I think it ‘s really useful too.

  6. Aysha chowdhury Avatar

    As a new guy I think this is very good and enough.