Site Performance and Scalability Optimizations White Paper

Magento 2.0 was designed for the next era in eCommerce—to make it faster, easier and more cost effective than ever before to create shopping experiences that are tailored precisely to your business needs.

It all starts with a modern architecture based on popular frameworks and coding patterns that gives you full flexibility to meet virtually any business need with speed and agility. Magento 2.0’s modular design reduces application complexity and enables you to easily extend or customize core functionality with off-the-shelf extensions or your own code so you can bring innovative ideas to market fast. A built-in automated testing framework also speeds development and you can easily integrate Magento 2.0 with 3rd party solutions thanks to enhanced and efficient APIs.

Magento 2.0 also offers new functionality to help you create powerful shopping experiences. An allnew, streamlined checkout and enhanced responsive designs provide you with an improved toolset for differentiating your site and growing sales across devices. Redesigned administrative controls and merchandising tools enable more efficient business operations and faster onboarding of new team members so you can deliver better service to your customers. And, with easier upgrades enabled by Magento 2.0’s modular architecture, you can immediately take advantage of new functionality as it
becomes available.

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  1. Nia Dawson Avatar

    This article is informative and helpful for site optimization. The process of website optimization can offer many business benefits if done correctly and web page elements help visitors to accomplish their goals.