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Why we say NO with free magento hosting?

Say NO with free magento hosting, that ‘s what I would like to share to you in this article base on my team experience and base on internet (other people experience). First of all, you can look at some discussions, they may useful for you to get some idea.

free magento hosting

These are topics about free magento hosting Free magento hosting – Does it work? on Magento Expert Forum or another topic about Cheap magento hosting needed on Magento Official Forum. If you take a quick look about these topics, you will see all of people recommend you forget the idea about free magento hosting. It will not work at all.

These are the reasons:

1. Magento Server Resource for free magento hosting

Magento require a lot of server resources (you can look at Magento system requirements), that ‘s why it ‘s too expensive to handle the service for free. So that we are sure that if the service work in the beginning, it will not work longer. And in this case it will take your time and money to move to another hosting. Other than that, the time for development in free magento hosting will take more since it ‘s slow, and you know, the magento development is not cheap at all.

Just from this reason, it ‘s enough to decide what to do with free magento hosting service.

2. Who will support well for free service?

Are you willing spend your time for anyone for free? Of course, NO. Neither am I :). And I am pretty sure all of others will say NO, so that don’t waste your time on a free magento hosting service what will not work anyway.

3. Time and Money

You spend time to configure your magento site on a free hosting service to save money, but you don’t know that you not only waste your time but also waste your money.

  • With a high quality magento hosting, it only take you 5 minutes to set up a magento but it will take more in free magento hosting
  • No developer want to work in free magento hosting since it ‘s slow and usually happen funny bugs what take a lot of time to control. So you lost money here too.
  • Your customers usually wait to load page and they willing ignore your service just because your site is slow
  • You pay for fast development, high quality hosting and website, high quality development service, keep deadline or slow options?

If you look around the Magento Official Forum, it ‘s easy for you to see some discussion about magento hosting like this If you wonder why they choose the same provider then it is not strange since they must be a good magento service provider. But the good one today not mean they will be good tomorrow, so make your own choice. And good luck!




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12 responses to “Why we say NO with free magento hosting?”

  1. Billy Avatar

    Yes offcourse I had a real bad experience making use of a free magento service. Especially when we customize for the google page speed insights, the server response time cannot be reduced it would be too high and I was able to solve all other development and design by making use of Magento Developer Mercuryminds ( . But as this is a server side issue I had to change the hosting location to another web server and had to fix with the help of developers.

  2. School Management Software Avatar

    This is Good information About magento hosting.. I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jesica Ng Avatar
    Jesica Ng

    The free magento hosting can be unusable but do you have any cheap magento hosting option? I want to have an option for the demo site, it should cheap as much as possible, it just need to make magento work. Thanks

  4. Johny Avatar

    If you are looking for the cheap one what can run magento for demo site, I think you can choose iPage. It only take you $1.68/month. Actually, previously iPage can’t run magento but recently it support magento on their shared hosting package, and you see it ‘s the cheapest one I can trust.

  5. Jesica Avatar

    Thanks Johny, it ‘s good to know iPage can host magento, I already tried iPage for magento site 2 years ago and it doesn’t work. I will give it one more try, if it work then it ‘s a very good option.

  6. Laura Avatar

    How about Hostgator, does it work so far? About iPage, I think we only use them for testing environment. It doesn’t make thing work fast as it should, at least for my magento site.

  7. magentohostsolution Avatar

    Hostgator is so so, if you choose it you must choose the Baby package to get enough resource to run magento. But just like what other people discuss in, they didn’t choose Hostgator, I think because of the support.

  8. Philip Avatar

    I totally agree with this tutorial, I already fight with a free magento hosting for 1 year and my recommend that you shouldn’t try any free stuff from magento hosting, they just take your time and money. Go with the paying hosting, you will release a lot of useful time.

  9. Laura Avatar

    What hosting company did you go with, Philip? How does it work?

  10. Kitrik Avatar

    The good one can’t be a free one and the free one can’t become the good one. So the smart way is get away from the free one to get the good one 🙂

  11. magentohostsolution Avatar

    You are right, never try the free hosting plan, it just take your time and money. It can’t work well anyway.

  12. Barbara Glowa Avatar
    Barbara Glowa

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