Magento Security Extensions Best Options

To make sure you got the best security magento site, you need to make sure the server/hosting security first and then the magento security extension will help you secure the internal security and user information. To cover the server/hosting security, you simply choose a good magento hosting solution. In this article, we will talk about the best option for magento security extension only. Here is our favorite list.

1. ET IP Security

Price: FREE




Extension can restrict access to website by IP address or IP masks. When restrict rule is triggered, customer gets redirected to CMS page specified in settings or just blank page. You can get notifications about triggered rules by email. There is also opportunity to switch your website off for maintenance.
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2. Enhanced Admin Security: Two-Factor Authentication

Price: $69


This extension will help you have 100% peace in mind to make sure no one can login to your magento site without your phone.

2 factors

Protect your Magento backend against unauthorized logins and fraudsters today! Because passwords just aren’t enough.

Fearing someone could log into your Magento store to download all your orders, customers and other sensitive data? Fearing hackers and the consequences after getting hacked? Fear no more!

Using the Two-Factor Authentication extension by XTENTO, additional security information will be required when logging into the Magento backend. Besides the username and the password, a so called security code (see screenshot below) will be required to log in. The security code gets generated by your smartphone (the second factor). Each security code can be used once only and is valid for 30 seconds only.

3. SecureTrading

Price: FREE


The SecureTrading Payment Pages (STPP) allow merchants to securely accept online payments. The Payment Pages do not require merchants to be PCI-compliant since their customers are redirected to the SecureTrading servers prior to the capturing of card details. The Payment Pages allow the merchant to provide a seamless payment experience through the use of iframes and custom CSS and JavaScript


4. Magento Secure Frontend Cookie

Price: FREE



This module allows to secure the frontend cookie for stores that will run the entire site on https.

5. MageFirewall Security

Price: FREE



Magento Firewall creates an additional layer of security around the Magento commerce system. With help of Ninja Firewall rules it will block the attackers/ blacklists them and prevent them from accessing the site. It has a scanner to provide recommendations around your store setup. The software includes a ‘recently modified file’ scanner to alert you when someone breaks into your store. MageFirewall will prevent brute force attackers as well and blacklist them.


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