Magento Cache Solutions on Shared Hosting and Vps/Server

Today we will talk about Magento Cache Solutions on Shared Hosting and Vps/Server to get a very basic idea about magento shared hosting and VPS/Server with magento caching solutions on them.

Many people send us message just ask us about one type question: what type of hosting package I should use for magento? Shared hosting or VPS? What type of cache solution should I use for magento site?



In this article I would like to answer these questions for reference if any new user ask these questions we will send them this link. And if you have any question. Please feel free to ask here in comment so we can reply and help other people too.

1. what type of hosting package I should use for magento?

I don’t show you here the detail name of hosting package because each magento hosting company will name the different hosting name. But basically it must meet the basic magento system requirements. If the hosting company provide magento hosting package, I think they will know how to set up their server meet these requirements. So that you can feel free to choose.

If you choose a VPS then you need at least RAM 1GB to make sure magento work well (instead of 512MB as system requirements what just good enough to run, not smooth).

In our article about Magento Hosting Solutions, we already chose for you some good options what will work well for magento sites. You can take a look at it.

2. Magento Shared hosting or Magento VPS?

Both of them will work well belong to what you need and what you can do:

  • Magento VPS: if you can set up, control VPS and take care the maintenance and the risk (malware or hack), then a Magento VPS will be the best option for you. But if you don’t know how to manage VPS, you can buy Managed Magento VPS what will be very expensive but good for your service.
  • Shared Magento Hosting: this will be a perfect option for magento site what is not too big. If you need a affordable price, stable site and you got a magento expert team to take care the server risk for you then shared magento hosting is a good choice.

3. What type of cache solution should I use for magento site?

These are some caching solution what you can check using for your magento site

  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • APC
  • Varnish
  • CDN: CloudFlare, MaxCDN

Hope this article ‘s useful for you.

Thanks and welcome any comment.


2 responses to “Magento Cache Solutions on Shared Hosting and Vps/Server”

  1. best2wayradio Avatar

    Leeren Magento Backend nicht den Cache?

  2. olidev Avatar

    There is also Full Page Cache for Magento. It is similar to Varnish in functions, but has proved to provide better performance. Also, if you want host Magento on VPS then it is not necessary that you need to know how to setup a server. You can use managed hosting for Magento, like Cloudways, where you don’t have to manually install or configure the server and magento. These things come pre-configured.