HTTP/2 vs Speed in Magento Hosting

The HTTP/2 protocol as introduced many years ago but until now not many hosting companies apply it for their services because of the technique. But yes, if a hosting what support HTTP/2 that would be great with it’s nice features.

http2 vs magento

In Magento, if you can choose a good hosting what support HTTP/2 well, it will help you a lot to make your site faster and more secure.

Why HTTP/2 needed instead of HTTP?

Modern websites/apps make hundreds of HTTP requests and HTTP 1.1 is not well designed for the performance needs of the modern web and the constantly growing requirements of the users. During the last 16 years many new technologies emerged and web developers got really creative in terms of going around and jumping over the limitations of HTTP 1.1. However, it was time for the protocol itself to change and introduce some new features that will speed up all sites on the Internet.

What’s new in HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is based on SPDY and is focused on performance improvements. It offers the following enhancements:

  • Multiplexing For Faster Data Transfer
  • Compression Of Headers For Transferring Less Data
  • Prioritization For Proper Page Rendering


All web server implementations support HTTP/2 when it is used over an encrypted connection. This means you need an SSL for your website in order to take advantage of HTTP/2.

You can find more about HTTP/2 here:

Where you can find HTTP/2 hosting service?

As we know, SiteGround supported HTTP/2 very good so you can try their service and enjoy the nice features.

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