How to know if server is compatible with Magento?

Before we decide to run Magento on our server, we need to make sure our server meet the magento system requirements. You can see the detail of requirements in this post Magento system requirements, in this post we will do the simple way to know exactly what our server have and miss before run Magento. This file is provided by Magento, you can download in URL: and do these steps:

  • Unzip file, you will see file magento-check.php
  • Upload file magento-check.php to your Magento root folder (or anywhere we can access by URL on browser to call this php file)
  • In browser navigate to this page

If everything work well you will see the result like this, this is result by Siteground package Baby(it will be the same result with other packages).

Or you will see some miss requirements  from your magento-check.php, in this case you need to send requirements to your server administrator(if not you, of course).