How to choose Magento hosting?

Not easy question for almost Magento developer and Magento Administrator, even though we do the magento check and get everything meet the basic requirements, we still not sure if it is optimize best for Magento or not.

To make everything simpler, I suggest we do one these options:

– If you already have Magento Hosting, let ‘s follow this instruction to make sure your Magento meet the basic requirement, check this post How to know if server is compatible with Magento?

– If you have a VPS/Dedicated Server and need to send a list of requirements for your server ‘s administrator to install software and configured server for you, you will need to take a look this requirement post Magento system requirements

– If you have a Magento Host but it doesn’t work as expect or you want to find a better Magento Hosting provider, this is the useful list for you (check more detail in