Best Magento SEO Extensions

Anyone who has ever thought about opening a virtual store has certainly come across various types of e-commerce platforms. With so many options available, there is a lot to research and it is not always easy to find the right model for your business. It is worth remembering that with e-commerce growing more and more, it is necessary to bet on a platform that easily adapts to the trends of the virtual market. This is where the Magento Platform comes into play.

Among the advantages of working with an open source platform, we can highlight the ease in finding tools that meet all kind of needs of the shopkeeper. Programmers and companies around the world develop modules to integrate with the platform. The shopkeeper is not limited to tools that are already “ready” the possibility of customization is endless.

Your Magento store is already in full operation, generating revenue and adding much to your brand. Great, but it can get even better! Magento offers a multitude of components that can boost the performance of your eCommerce, tailoring it even more to your needs or that of your customers.

If these components have already been tested and evaluated by the Magento Community, it’s even safer! That’s why we’ve selected the 7 most popular extensions for your Magento-approved online store. Validate with your consultant if your system version has the proper requirements for installation and request installation without fear!

1 – Fontis WYSIWYG Editor

Developed by Fontis

This extension gives you the option of adding a WYSIWYG JavaScript editor to pages and text articles. This way you can edit the content visually, without the need to know how to write codes.

2 – Blog-Community Edition

Developed by aheadWorks

Want to create a blog integrated with your e-commerce? So, this extension is ideal! With many unique features for Magento, Blog-Community Edition will not only give your customers updated content, but also bring new visitors to your site, build links relevant to SEO, and serve as an important support when developing your SEO strategy. sales. Among the features available are the widget, which shows the latest posts, and comment options per page, for example.

3 – Enhanced Admin Product Grid

Developed by nel

If you do not spend a lot of time organizing the products in your Magento store, Enhanced Admin Product Grid may be the solution. The extension offers customizable features for the product grid. With it you can list, search, change, and export your ecommerce products and their attributes on a single page.

4 – Magento Absolute Theme

Powered by TemplatesMaster

Easy to use and install, this extension is free and has been specially developed for Magento stores. It offers the possibility to customize the theme of your online store with a layout for the home. There are 10 colors available to use however you want. Also included in the extension are the files with the fonts in Photoshop.

5 – FreePOP Theme

Developed by Mage-World

Simple, beautiful and clean, this template is perfect for Magento stores that sell CDs, DVDs, music and movies. This extension allows you to use and customize the template for your store the way you want it to be more suitable for your business. It is compatible with the most popular browsers, like IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Included in the package are PSD files so you can customize your theme. It is designed for the Magento 1.3.x and 1.4.x versions.

6 – Magento Easy Lightbox

Powered by TemplatesMaster

This extension makes the products in your Magento store look more elegant. The default installation is very fast: less than five minutes. No files are overwritten and no programming knowledge is required to install the extension.

7 – Fooman Speedster

Developed by Fooman

The extension lets your Magento store faster by changing the way the system works by loading JavaScript and CSS. The extension also reduces the size of the files to be downloaded, increasing the loading speed. Now that you know some of the most popular extensions for Magento, evaluate the current needs of your online store and find a specialized consultant to complete the service. After all, you should only worry about the sales of your store.

8- Simple Blog

So, if you sell T-shirts and create content on a blog listing, for example, the best fashion trends for 2017, it gets a lot easier to convince someone to buy your product or direct you to your site. In addition, the use of the blog is very positive for the search engines, favoring the organic ranking of their sites. That’s why big companies use blogs as a strategy to be found by people, and the results of those investments are proven.

The Magento Simple Blog plugin is undoubtedly one of the best Magento blog extensions. With the installation of this plugin, you can publish texts announcing the news of your business or educating your audience through interesting content that relates to what you sell. With this Magento plugin, you have control of all the posts on your blog and managing the categories that content fits. This plugin is open source, and its installation and usability are very easy to work with.

To conclude

If you got here, you must have realized how much the Magento platform is open to the incredible possibilities of customization and performance improvements. It is no wonder that many virtual shopkeepers have opted for this platform so robust and complete, that have been conquering the market.





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