The Best Magento Cms For Ecommerce

Magento is the one stop shop for all ecommerce web store setup requirements for clients from all industries. This open source ecommerce CMS is vehicle of ecommerce for thousands of ecommerce websites from market spaces such as apparel, electronics, sports equipment, automobiles, and more. What makes Magento such a powerful force for web store managers is the inclusion of marketing features along with the selling enablers. Users can create sparkling web pages without delving into coding, and can leverage the visual editor to implement fine tuned designs.

Store managers can add in marketing capabilities including but not limited to promotional tools such as coupons and gift certificates, automated and rule based pricing, strong inventory control, automated emailing, and provision of multi-tiered memberships to final web store users. Then, the double leverage of SEO features and a responsive design makes your web store visible as well as accessible, which augers well for revenue maximization.

Use options such as ‘related products’, facilitate quick purchases with smart checkouts, and sell as much as you possibly can with up-selling and cross selling features packed in to Magento. With such a power packed library of features, enhanced with the availability of dedicated and niche modules and extensions, Magento’s position as a market leader and trend setter with 26% share is more than justified.


This Infographic is Courtesy By Magento Extensions