7 Essential Magento Extensions for your e-Commerce Business

E-commerce business is on the rise. Today where there is a website for everything from booking movie tickets to shopping, you cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity to reach out to a wider market. And when it comes to establishing an online presence for your bricks-and-mortar store, nothing beats Magento, a widely used content management system for building e-commerce websites.
Magento is certainly an unmatched CMS that ensures a constant increase in conversions and ROI. However, like any other CMS, Magento also comes with various extensions to help you extend the functionality of your online business.

Today, in this article, we are going to share some of the best yet essential Magento extensions for your e-commerce business.

1. Mobile Shopping Cart

mobile shopping cart
Mobile Shopping cart is one of the most popular Magento extensions that offer payment gateway modules for secure and smooth online transactions. The extension supports and accepts all types of credit and debit cards. Mobile Shopping Cart extension builds trust and reliability between you and your customers.

2. Price Slider Daffodil

Price Slider Daffodil

If you plan on adding a lot of products on your Magento website, Price Slider Daffodil is the right extension for you. Today, filters have become quite a necessary feature for almost every online business since they allow users to narrow down their search on the basis of different factors such as price, color and so much more. Price Slider Daffodil allows users to specify a particular price range to help them find exactly what they are looking for.

3. Google Enhanced E-commerce for Magento

Google Enhanced E-commerce for Magento
Google Enhanced E-commerce for Magento is developed and launched by Blue Acorn to help make Google’s Universal Analytics and E-commerce integration easier and convenient for Magento website owners. This extension is available for absolutely free of cost. However, after downloading the extension, you would require to configure it as per your information.

4. Online Auction

online auction
Online Auction is yet another conversion driver extension for Magento website owners that offers users the facility to participate in online bidding and auction for their favorite items and products. Online Auction extension certainly enables business owners to stay ahead in the race by dominating the market.

5. Zopim Live Chat

The only difference between online and offline shopping is probably the constant help from the salesperson. Zopim Live Chat Magento extension is here to bridge the gap between these two different shopping options. Zopim Live Chat, as the name suggests, allows you to add a live chat feature to your website and staying in contact with your customers around-the-clock.

6. Out of Stock Notification

product out of stock
Out of Stock Notification is a great Magento extension that allows you to add “Out of Stock” functionality to your website. This is one user experience enhancing extension that notifies both the users as well as the owner about the current status of a particular product.

7. Product Review

product Review
As a matter of fact, a business’s success is incomplete without its customers reviews and integrating product review functionality into your website improves your customer base and conversions. Product Review Magento extension is a great way to do so. Simply install and configure to start getting product reviews on your products.

As there is a popular saying “customer is the king”, therefore, you should give your customers best user experience on your online store. Using these extensions to enhance the functionality of your website makes things a lot easier and convenient for you.

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    I also want to share a very useful that can help to boost sales for each local market by giving different promotions for various store views of a website.


    This is Magento Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View extension that allows us to set up different shopping cart price rule per store view. This module will add a new condition called Store View in the drop-down list of Condition when creating new rules. Therefore, we can optimize efficiencies of promotions campaigns in certain local markets

  5. E-commerce business is on the rise. These extensions enhance the functionality of our website and makes things a lot easier and convenient for us. Magento is certainly an unmatched CMS that ensures a constant increase in conversions.Thank you very much for this useful information.

  6. It is a great Magento extension that allows you to add functionality to your website. I’ve use for our E-Commerce website. But I would like to suggest other some of Magento 2 extension.

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