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Hi-Tech Free Magento Theme – Grayscale

Nice, minimal Free Magento Template for magento 1.9.x, 1.8.x. Beautiful and sleek, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this theme shine. This clean, elegant theme comes in grayscale colors. Suitable for electronic gadgets, jewelry or accessories stores. Read More »

Save Data to Database in Magento 2?

In this tutorial we will cover saving data to database by coding for front end form and front end normal controller. This will be very useful if you just want to save something to database without any complicated work. Read More »

How to fix Magento Database import mysql error 1031?

Mysql Magento Error 1031

Recently we got many questions about mysql error 1031 when they try to import magento database .sql file. We decide to make this tutorial article to help them solve it easier and maybe other programmers. When you import .sql file you can see the error like this This is well known issue so let’s do this solution Problem: ROW_FORMAT=FIXED Let’s check if ... Read More »