Top 5 Magento Social Extensions

Social Media Marketing always keep a high priority in internet marketing of any online business. With magento ecommerce business, you will need to figure out the best magento social extensions to get your social campaign more effective. In this article, I will share you top 5 magento social extensions what are used very popular in magento world. It ‘s popular, it is not mean you will be “the same” with others but it ‘s mean it ‘s very good so that people trust and using them.

top 5 magento social extensions


1. AddShoppers: Social Marketing Apps for eCommerce

This extension are designed to deliver the social analytics that you need in a clean, easily digestible interface. Your dashboard can even be customized with your favorite social reports for easy access.


It is also delivered actionable emails to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule that contain a summary of your most important social analytics along with suggestions on how to use that data to improve.

And a lot of more useful functions, you can download to use for FREE here:

2. AheadWorks: Sociable

Nobody would deny the great impact the social media has on promoting one’s business, increasing website traffic, creating valuable backlinks, and getting referral customers. But rushing in the world of 1000+ social bookmarking and sharing sites alone is rather hasty – just imagine how much time you’ll need to register with at least 15 most popular services and post links there at least once a day.


With the Sociable Magento extension this whole mess becomes easy and well-organized. Once having this Magento module configured, you get a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages on the best Social Media Networks. The Sociable extension adds social share buttons to the website and allows your visitors to share any page of your Magento store.

Moreover, with the Social Media Magento extension, you can always track which products and how many times have been bookmarked. Thus the clicks statistics allows you to correct your marketing strategy in time if something goes in the wrong direction.

The secret of the Sociable add-on is simple – the more people bookmark your Magento store, the higher rank it has in search engines, and the higher conversion rate you finally gain. Let your visitors promote your site on the web for you!

17 preinstalled services to share links with Magento

  1. Pinterest
  2. Twitter
  3. Myspace
  4. Facebook
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Digg
  7. Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks, Google+
  8. Mixx
  9. Reddit
  10. StumbleUpon
  11. Newsvine
  12. Slashdot
  13. Diigo
  14. Yahoo Bookmarks

It charge $99/license, you can buy it here:

3. Social Tab and Toolbar with Google Button +1

In the case you only need to connect with Google+ then this will be a very good FREE extension


This extension provides a toolbar to the areas Google Translator, social bookmarks and a mini-contact form.

And secondly, a social tabbar for each product. If desired, also in the list view.

Download in URL:

4. MageStore: Social Login

Another great feature for magento shop is let them create/login account with social network API, with this extension you can do that quite easy.


It will take you $99 to buy :

5. Facebook and Twitter widget. Comment and share your products

Luckily, this nice extension is totally FREE and you can download it for your site to enjoy the social comment function in minute.

social comment


You can understand and use it very easy, it provide Facebook Comments, Like button, Google plus and Twitter Badget for your products.

Download and use for FREE in


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